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Bernanke’s Treachery

February 27, 2013
Richard Michael AbrahamSep 1st 2012, 17:43

1. His market manipulation has admittedly caused a 60% BALLOONING OF STOCKS. (As reported last week by noted economists)
2. He has not helped the 23 Million Americans unemployed or underemployed by creating good paying jobs.
3. He has not helped the elderly who receive almost zero on their savings.
4. He has not helped the Middle Class or Average Americans gain access to low interest home Mortgage loans since lenders are simply not lending to Average Americans. (Just try getting a 3.5% Mortgage with good income, 800 plus credit…is very hard)
5. He has not helped graduating college students get good jobs in their chosen career.
6. He has not helped Afro Americans get jobs with 16% unemployment.
7. He has not helped small business get access to low interest business loans.
8. He has not controlled inflation. By my calculations, during the past four years, we’ve experienced 10% combined inflation and if I factored in energy and food costs, real inflation during these 4 years would be more like 18%.
In short, Ben Bernanke is offensive to everyone’s intelligence. He set out to make the rich richer and at the expense of everyone else.
He set out to juice up the stock market with incessant stimulus and QE, devalued the dollar to stimulate the U.S. export business so the wealthy could prosper and U.S. conglomerates could export their products and services competitively priced.
In short, Ben Bernanke should be arrested for high crimes and treason because everything he does is aimed at manipulating the stock market up, pushing exports up, and to ensure President Obama’s re-election, and thus, his own job.
In my book, Ben Bernanke is a self-serving man without a conscience.
The republicans see Ben Bernanke’s game but truth is, President Obama, the man who told me “Yes we can” and “Change you can believe in”, once and for all, convinced me that no politician, not one of them have the guts to tell the truth.
And it does not matter whether you’re a republican or democrat. Americans, once and for all, want a President who says what he means and means what he says.
Can’t find that quality in President Obama or Governor Romney.
But Ben Bernanke, in my view, is the worst of all. He tells the World America needs more stimulus and QE to create jobs and lower interest rates, when he’s seen and knows that does not work. But he keeps doing it to manipulate the stock market and bump up exports – make the rich richer.
I hope America catches on to Mr. Bernanke’s treachery.
Richard Michael Abraham
The REDI Foundation


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